Transchrono International is a collective of members of the Transchrono community, Transchrono allies and others who have come together to bring awareness and education with regard to transchronoism in general and issues affecting the Transchrono community. Most of our membership is currently campus based but we are looking to expand to other domains and locations.

Like other minority groups and other trans groups, Transchrono people have been ignored and denied their basic rights and recognition for far too long. Thankfully that is beginning to change, and we are a big part of the reason.

What we stand for:

  • Recognition
    Transchronoism is real. Stop denying it and start acknowledging it
  • Respect
    There are many different kinds of people on Earth. If you are not Transchrono and/or have trouble understanding it, the first thing we ask is that you respect it
  • Education
    Learn about what it means to be Transchrono and how lives are affected by it.
  • Advancement
    Transchronoism is not an impediment. In fact it is the opposite. It should be celebrated and valued. Transchrono people have immense contributions waiting to be offered.

Are you Transchrono?

You can get diagnosed!

Do you or someone you love feel that you may be transchrono but have never been diagnosed? Contact us to discuss how you can get diagnosed. It would be our absolute pleasure to assist you in this journey.